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Maioli Gourmand

Maioli Gourmand is a food and wine in Tuscany, bagno a ripoli, from Fiorentina fans, the real one and the "Gallo Nero". We chose our work with discipline, spirit of sacrifice and dedication.
The online store after many fatigues and sleepless nights, it's an opportunity bring  something new, modern and excellent craftsmanship, respecting those who choose. Maioli Gourmand, is for everyone, for the more experienced, attentive enophile pleasure to manufacturer or cru and, for the beginner and enthusiast for the most demanding chef who wants to impress guests with a touch of originality. We want to dedicate this website to all who, like us, are moments of happiness as those passed in front of a fine wine, with people that love us. Stefano and Marilena


My husband first invented a cocktail with my name and then asked me to marry tells Marilena, Stefano's wife and companion of adventures!
There was everything in that cocktail, there was passion, there was genius, there was madness! In fact...this is Stefano - big size - as a magnum of superb Borgogna cru, a vintage hard to find!
Sommelier e barman by vocation, pastry chef and chef for passion, in this way, Stefano between genius and madness he developed his professionalism  with great success.


She's sinuos and elegant like a Barolo wine, but she's also sensitive and emotional,
She's very close to her family and to the past, loves food and she has kept secret the recipes of her grandmothers who cooked for the whole family woke up at dawn.
She spent her childhood in Genoa studying , getting passionate to foreign cultures and doing work experience in accommodation in different locations on the Adriatic Riviera and Tuscany.
By her father , passionate about cooking , she has inherited the creativity and practice.

Marilena and Stefano started their own without much money in their pockets , but with many dreams , some skeptics still lying in wait for them , but they are convinced , despite his youth , that dreams sometimes come true and you need to think big to get great results .
this extraordinary couple has in DNA taste and forwarded to their 9 year old daughter eating only meat fassona Piedmont and likes to imitate the food writers of great fame .

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